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Efficient. Reliable. Experienced. 

Through our experience and general contracting affiliate company, we personally oversee the precise execution of our projects and enjoy solid long-term relationships with trusted contractors whom we treat fairly and with respect.


We have attained extensive expertise in mixed-use projects, our core being multifamily and retail. We pride ourselves in having an extensive development experience and proven track record in the New York City and New Jersey area. 

Property Managers

Our in-house property management team is dedicated to keeping our tenants happy and all properties in the best shape possible.

Our asset management team maintains every asset, including developing and implementing good operating strategies, overseeing capital improvement projects, and continually examining disposition strategies to maximize returns.

Electrical Inspectors

We consider our investors more than just passive sources of capital. Over the years our investors have become true partners, discussing strategy, deciding on acquisitions, taking risks and reaping rewards together. 



Investors and Owners

Urban View


Minotaur is a boutique firm that grew out of a father and son dream of developing real estate in the great city of New York, and the need to manage the properties they built.


That began almost 20 years ago, and now after successfully executing more than a dozen projects, our company is expanding and in search of larger projects while never forgetting our core values of integrity, responsiveness, and commitment to our tenants and partners.


Minotaur Management operates mainly in the multifamily and mixed-use sectors as property managers and developers. Our experience as owner, developer, general contractor, and operator, gives us the ability to approach projects holistically and analyze opportunities from many different angles and allows us to see opportunities that others might miss.

We believe in treating everyone we deal with, with respect and integrity, from our tenants to our contractors and stakeholders.

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